Biometric Wallet
Biometric Wallet
Biometric Wallet
Biometric Wallet
Biometric Wallet
Biometric Wallet
Biometric Wallet
Biometric Wallet

Biometric Wallet

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Product details

  1. D'CENT Biometric Wallet is a Bluetooth enabled hardware wallet for safe storing of your private keys (non-custodial wallet),
  2. Certified secure chip(EAL5+) with a built-in Fingerprint sensor for secure and fast transaction,
  3. Create multiple coin/token wallets (up to 80 accounts),
  4. Easy wallet recover using your 24-words seed phrase, Convenient firmware update - unlike other products, wallet recovery is not required after updating the firmware.

Shipping & Tax

  • Due to international regulation, maximum 2 Biometric wallets can be shipped per day. And additional shipping charge will be added if your order quantity is higher than 2 wallets.
  • Any import tax needs to be paid by a receiver and return shipping charge will be charged if a receiver rejects to pay the local tax.

Customer Reviews

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Not so easy to update firmware

Have not figured out how to update firmware. Watched youtube Videos and still not able to find where to download bridge install to update firmware went to a email for further instructions...

Here is the tutorial to update your D'CENT Biometric Wallet:, if you want to do it from an Android, please refer to this article:

When you go on the update page which is here: it will automatically offers you to download Bridge.
If not, you can do it directly from this link:

Hope this helps,

Gagandeep singh Sehgal

Easy to operate and does the job very well.

Buy it NOW

Absolutely fantastic product. Tried the Ledger but definitely recommend D,cent

Pedro Schins
Nooit ontvangen.

Ik heb de Biometrische portemonnee besteld, betaald maar nooit ontvangen. Vijf maanden wacht ik al.

Linda Ackroyd

This is our 2nd one. We find it very easy to use.