D’CENT Wallet now supports accessing dApps on the RSK network

D’CENT Wallet now supports accessing dApps on the RSK network

The new feature that can use RSK based Dapp in the D’CENT Mobile App has been released. With this update, you can enjoy RSK based Dapp services by connecting them through D’CENT Wallet.

You can access the RSK based Dapp site from the Dapp browser in the Discovery tab of the D’CENT Mobile App or connecting the services through WalletConnect feature.

This feature is supported on Android app v4.4.0 or higher, and iOS app will be updated later.


How to use

To use RSK based Dapp services, you need to change the network setting of the Discovery tab to RSK.

After changing the network settings, you can either enter the URL of the RSK Dapp service or use the Dapp Service through the WalletConnect QR scan.

If you want to know more about WalletConnect, please read the previous article in the D’CENT blog.


The list of RSK based Dapps

For your reference, here are the small list of RSK based Dapps.

  • RIF Name Service (https://manager.rns.rifos.org/)
    : RNS provides unique names for your wallet addresses to seamlessly receive crypto assets.
  • RSK bridges with Ethereum (https://tokenbridge.rsk.co/)
    : Through RSK bridge, you convert your tokens from RSK to Ethereum and vice versa.
  • RSK Swap (https://app.rskswap.com/)
    : RSK based AMM protocol to swap RSK based tokens.
  • Money On Chain (https://alpha.moneyonchain.com/)
    : Money on Chain provides a Bitcoin-Collateralized Stablecoin. This solves the biggest problem for Bitcoin mainstream adoption: the volatility problem. The Dollar On Chain, a Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin, uses a trust minimized, decentralized system. A Bitcoin-collateralized stablecoin minimizes counterparty risk through a set of smart contracts. The volatility of Bitcoin is stripped into two separate tokens and a financial instrument.
  • RIF On Chain (https://rif.moneyonchain.com/)
    : The RIF Token allows any token holder to consume the services that are compatible with the RIF architecture. RIF On Chain protocol provides tokens for different types of use cases for RIF token holders.
  • Sovryn (https://live.sovryn.app/)
    : Sovryn is the decentralized, permissionless financial operating system for Bitcoin. It adds an uncensorable financial layer to Bitcoin using layer-2 technology (RSK) to provide financial services such as trading, lending, leverage, and derivatives. By offering trustless financial services secured by Bitcoin’s PoW Blockchain through merge-mining, Sovryn is able to provide users with lower transaction fees, zero reliance on centralized intermediaries, and full control of their Bitcoin.
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