D’CENT Wallet Partners with Kroma Network to Empower Users with Enhanced Scalability and Functionality

D’CENT Wallet Partners with Kroma Network to Empower Users with Enhanced Scalability and Functionality

We are excited to announce D’CENT Wallet is now integrated with Kroma Network, a next-generation Layer-2 blockchain platform designed to address the scalability challenges of Ethereum while maintaining its robust security and decentralization. This partnership will enable D’CENT Wallet users to seamlessly store, manage, and utilize Kroma Network assets, expanding their cryptocurrency options and unlocking the potential of this innovative blockchain technology.


Leveraging ZK technology for Enhanced Scalability and Fault Tolerance

D’CENT Wallet’s integration with Kroma Network brings together two pioneering forces in the blockchain space, offering users a secure and user-friendly platform to explore the potential of Kroma Network’s innovative technology. Kroma Network aims to leverage ZK Rollup and ZK proof generation technology, to achieve scalability and fault tolerance without compromising Ethereum’s security guarantees. This approach enables Kroma Network to process a significantly higher number of transactions per second compared to Ethereum, while maintaining the same level of security and decentralization.


Unparalleled Security and Convenience for Kroma Network Assets

The integration of Kroma Network into D’CENT Wallet ensures that users can store, manage, and utilize Kroma Network assets with the same level of security and convenience they have come to expect from D’CENT Wallet. D’CENT Wallet’s hardware-based security ensures that private keys are stored offline, protected from unauthorized access, while its user-friendly mobile app makes it easy to manage Kroma Network assets on the go.


Streamlined Integration and Seamless Access to Kroma Network Ecosystem

Getting started with Kroma Network on D’CENT Wallet is simple and straightforward. Users can easily add a Kroma Network account by following a few simple steps within the D’CENT Wallet app. With this seamless integration, users can seamlessly access the Kroma Network ecosystem and explore its various decentralized applications, expanding their options for utilizing blockchain technology.


D’CENT Wallet Kroma Wallet Account

 D’CENT Andoid App


A Collaborative Commitment to Innovation and User Empowerment

The integration of Kroma Network into D’CENT Wallet represents a significant step forward in both projects’ missions to foster innovation and empower users in the cryptocurrency space. D’CENT Wallet is committed to continuously expanding its support for leading blockchain platforms, providing users with a comprehensive and secure gateway to the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Kroma Network is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology that enhances the scalability and functionality of blockchain platforms, enabling developers to build a new generation of decentralized applications and foster a vibrant and interconnected blockchain ecosystem.

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