D’CENT Wallet joins forces with Harmony, driving mass adoption of DeFi, NFTs, and Games.

D’CENT Wallet joins forces with Harmony, driving mass adoption of DeFi, NFTs, and Games.

D’CENT Wallet is a leading provider of decentralized ledger storage tools, where our mission is in delivering our users the highest security and the best wallet utilities across multiple crypto ecosystems.


With Harmony ONE integrated into D’CENT, we hope to make our contributions in bringing decentralized applications closer to mass adoption with secure and easier accessibility to the Harmony ONE crypto ecosystem.


What is Harmony ONE?

Harmony ONE is a fast and open Ethereum EVM compatible blockchain optimized for scaling decentralized applications (dApps) such as DeFi, NFT, Games, and many others.


Harmony mainnet is an innovative Layer 2 solution for Ethereum with a consensus protocol that is designed based on the principles of Sharding, which achieves near-instant finality and very low fees for the network activities.


Main Updates


✅ Harmony mainnet’s native currency ONE token and HRC20 token assets.


✅ Harmony ONE — Dual address formats support (see example in the section below)


✅ Harmony mainnet can be selected from the Discovery Tab(dApp browser).


Update Mobile App

The latest versions of the D’CENT mobile app can be found below.


 Android mobile app

 iOS mobile app


Update Firmware

For the D’CENT Biometric Wallet, update to the latest version of the firmware.


 Firmware Update



ONE token and HRC20 token assets

Harmony mainnet’s cryptocurrency assets can be added easily to D’CENT Wallet by simply searching for the name of the asset.


Harmony ONE — dual address formats support

D’CENT Wallet supports dual address formats for Harmony ONE accounts.


By default, the Harmony ONE account address is set to the Ethereum-like format starting with the 0x prefix.


Address format can be changed to Harmony ONE’s native(bech32) address format that starts with one1 prefix by using the slider button.



D’CENT Wallet can receive Harmony assets using either one of these address formats.


🚨 Not all wallets support both address formats!🚨
If you are sending Harmony assets from D’CENT Wallet, make sure the recipient wallet also supports the address format you’ve chosen to use when creating the transaction data to prevent loss of your funds.


For example, IF you are using the Ethereum-like 0x format when creating a send transaction, make sure the recipient address also starts with the 0x format.


Using Harmony mainnet in the Discovery Tab (dApp browser)

D’CENT Wallet App is built-in with the dApp browser called Discovery Tab.


The Discovery Tab supports multiple EVM compatible blockchain networks for connection with decentralized applications and users can select the network.


The network can be set to Harmony mainnet by clicking on the network icon located at the top-right corner.



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