D’CENT Wallet joins forces with Celer Network, making cross-chain transfers easy and safe.

D’CENT Wallet joins forces with Celer Network, making cross-chain transfers easy and safe.

We are excited to announce Celer cBridge has been integrated with D’CENT Wallet.


Celer Network’s cBridge is one of the most efficient cross-chain bridging protocol that takes advantage of Celer’s SGN (a Tendermint-based PoS side chain to Ethereum) to facilitate fast finality, low costs, and security rooted essentially on Ethereum layer-1. This allows them to offer a unique experience in transferring assets between the various EVM-compatible networks. Celer cBridge supports a plethora of the most popular EVM-compatible blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB, Optimism, Fantom, Boba Network, Avalanche, and many more.


For example, users can easily bridge (cross-chain transfer) ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, ..etc. from the Ethereum network to another network such as the BNB network.


Celer cBridge can be accessed directly from the Discovery Tab of the D’CENT Wallet.



You can find the full tutorial on using Celer cBridge from here:


What are the Fees for using Celer cBridge?

Just like any swap or bridge services, there is a fee when bridging tokens between blockchains through cBridge. The total fee paid by the user of the bridge service depends on the type of bridging model used:


✅ Liquidity Pool-Based Bridging

Total Fee = Base Fee + Liquidity Fee


The Base Fee is the payment to cover the gas cost for transferring funds on the receiving (destination) blockchain.


The Liquidity Fee is the payment (or the reward) received by the liquidity providers and the Celer State Guardian Network (SGN) stakers for providing services.


This “Liquidity Fee” is proportional to the transfer amount (after bridge rate conversion) and the type of transfer:


For transfers from L2 roll-up chains (Arbitrum/Optimism/Boba/Metis), the liquidity fee percentage is 0.1%-0.5%


For all other transfers the liquidity fee percentage is 0.04%


✅ Mint-and-Burn Bridging

Total Fee = Base Fee + Percentage Fee


The Base Fee is paid to cover the gas cost for sending funds on the destination chain.


The Percentage Fee is proportional to the transfer amount and is paid to the Celer SGN stakers as economic incentives for guarding its security. The fee percentage is governed by the Celer SGN. (Usually, the fee percentage is 0%-0.04%)

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