D’CENT Wallet Joins Forces with Astar Network, Empowering Users with Unrivaled Security and Cross-Chain Interoperability

D’CENT Wallet Joins Forces with Astar Network, Empowering Users with Unrivaled Security and Cross-Chain Interoperability

We are delighted to announce a groundbreaking integration — Astar Network, a cutting-edge smart contract platform on Polkadot, has become an integral part of the D’CENT Wallet ecosystem. This strategic step marks a significant advancement in our commitment to providing users with a secure, streamlined, and comprehensive experience in managing Polkadot-based assets.


What is the Astar Network?

Astar Network stands as a multi-chain smart contract platform seamlessly integrated into the Polkadot ecosystem, bridging the gap between Ethereum and Polkadot. This unique position enables Astar Network to offer developers a robust and versatile platform for deploying their decentralized applications (dApps), leveraging the scalability and security of Polkadot while retaining the compatibility and familiarity of Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM). By fostering a supportive community and providing access to advanced features like cross-chain interoperability and parachain sharding, Astar Network is poised to become a hub for innovation within the Polkadot ecosystem, empowering developers to create groundbreaking dApps that reshape the blockchain landscape.


D’CENT Wallet Collaboration with Astar

Astar continues working with prominent Korean companies to innovate blockchain for millions globally. They have recently teamed up with D’CENT Wallet, a highly skilled tech team based in Seoul that has developed widely popular wallet solutions used in 220 countries worldwide, thanks to their user-friendly experience. D’CENT now aims to extend this innovative and cost-effective method of storing and securing crypto assets to Astar’s extensive Japanese and global community. This includes introducing an affordable way to store assets and digital art in a cold wallet the size of a credit card.


D’CENT Wallet’s Astar support features are pioneering achievements that have set a new standard within the Astar ecosystem. Notably, D’CENT Wallet stands out as the most user-friendly fingerprint-based cold wallet solution for Astar, and it will be the first wallet company to support Astar-zkEVM L2.


Enhanced Benefits for D’CENT Wallet Users

With the integration of Astar Network, D’CENT Wallet now supports over 60 blockchain networks, including 29+ EVM-compatible networks, solidifying itself as a versatile platform tailored to meet users’ diverse needs:


Seamless ASTR Token Management

Securely store, manage, and transact Astar Network’s native token, ASTR, directly from your D’CENT Wallet hardware devices. Experience a seamless user journey, eliminating complexities associated with managing assets across multiple blockchains. Users will be able to create two types of Astar accounts in the D’CENT Wallet:


✅Astar (EVM) — This account is the Astar Network account that supports EVM and dapps. This account will have the similar address format as that of the Ethereum which starts with 0x prefix.

✅Astar — This is the native Astar Network account based on the Polkadot.


 D’CENT Andoid App


Unrivaled Security and Global Trust

D’CENT Wallet is trusted by users in 220 countries worldwide and stands as a secure haven for managing digital assets. With hardware-based security and an intuitive interface, individuals and institutions confidently transact across 60+ supported blockchains. This versatile tool ensures unwavering protection for ASTR tokens, shielding them from unauthorized access and cyber threats, making D’CENT Wallet the preferred choice for navigating the interconnected blockchain landscape.


Gateway to the Astar and Polkadot Ecosystem

D’CENT Wallet serves as your gateway to the expanding Polkadot ecosystem, offering beyond asset management. Users can explore diverse opportunities, engage with decentralized applications, and become an active participant in the dynamic world of Astar and Polkadot.


Secure and User-Friendly Polkadot Experience

The integration of D’CENT Wallet with Astar Network signifies more than just a strategic move; it reflects our unwavering commitment to providing you with a secure and user-friendly gateway into the thriving Polkadot ecosystem. This collaboration is poised to shape the future of blockchain transactions, fostering a more unified and interconnected blockchain landscape.


[Astar Network]

Astar Network is the gateway for projects across enterprises, entertainment & gaming in Japan and beyond, driving global adoption and delivering web3 to billions. It leverages a cross-virtual machine powered by Polygon and Polkadot to offer customizable blockchain solutions that accelerate web3 adoption. With zk-powered Ethereum L2 Scaling (zkEVM), EVM, Wasm, and a cutting-edge ecosystem, Astar delivers robust, secure, and interoperable web3 technology. Astar zkEVM is the new Layer-2 solution to scale a web3 experience on Ethereum with zero knowledge (ZK) technology. Astar Network adds an EVM equivalent environment that is seamlessly compatible with existing smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets on Ethereum.


Official Website: https://astar.network/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/astarNetwork

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D’CENT Wallet is created by IoTrust, a company founded by security experts with over two decades of security know-how and engineering experience in developing deeply embedded security solutions based on secure-chip technology (SE and TEE). 

D’CENT Wallet caters to the diverse needs of cryptocurrency users, prioritizing security and user experience. Users can choose the Biometric Wallet, Card type Wallet, or the free-to-use Software Wallet.
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