D’CENT Wallet Integration of Optimism Network is Now Live!

D’CENT Wallet Integration of Optimism Network is Now Live!

D’CENT Wallet is thrilled to announce the integration of Optimism Network, a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that utilizes optimistic rollups technology. This integration is a significant development for our cutting-edge digital wallet, offering our users faster and more efficient transactions, new features, and capabilities that make managing cryptocurrency assets easier and more convenient than ever before.


With Optimism Network integration, our users will enjoy faster and more efficient transactions when using their D’CENT Wallet. Transactions on Optimism Network are processed off-chain and then batched together into a single transaction on the Ethereum network, resulting in quicker processing times, making it ideal for those who want to make fast trades.


Manage Optimism native assets

D’CENT users can create and manage Optimism wallet and token accounts directly from the D’CENT Wallet, making it easier to manage all cryptocurrency assets in one place. In addition, users can send and receive assets on the Optimism Network directly from their D’CENT Wallet, adding to its convenience and efficiency.

Explore the Optimism ecosystem

To take full advantage of the benefits of Optimism Network, our built-in dApp browser enables users to connect with their favorite dApps on the Optimism Network. Users can easily access a wide range of decentralized exchanges, marketplaces, and other dApps without having to worry about high fees or long wait times.


Connecting your wallet to a dApp site is quite easy. Click on the ‘Connect’ button on the website and you will be given choices of connection method. Here, you can either click on ‘MetaMask’ or ‘WallectConnect’ to connect your D’CENT wallet to the dApp website.



You can find a full list of apps on the Optimism ecosystem here:


In conclusion, the integration of D’CENT wallet with the Optimism network is a significant development that provides our users with faster, cheaper, and more convenient options for managing their cryptocurrencies and accessing decentralized applications. We’re excited to offer these new features to our users and look forward to seeing the positive impact they will have on the Ethereum community.

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