D’CENT Wallet and MetaOasis Join Forces: Bridging the Gap to a New Digital World

D’CENT Wallet and MetaOasis Join Forces: Bridging the Gap to a New Digital World

We’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration — D’CENT has integrated with MetaOasis, a revolutionary metaverse platform built on Avalanche blockchains. This strategic alliance propels our commitment to providing users with a secure, streamlined, and comprehensive experience in navigating the decentralized metaverse.


What is MetaOasis?



MetaOasis stands as a pioneering metaverse platform seamlessly integrated into the Avalanche blockchain, offering users a transformative experience. By embracing the principle of “WITH GROW,” MetaOasis creates a thriving environment for users and the system, unlocking boundless creativity and economic opportunities.


MetaOasis offers the following Core Contents & Features:

💠AI Model Training Tool (Standard)

💠AI Model Creator Tool (Advanced)

💠Onboarding Over 20 Mini Games

💠Cross Platform — PC/ WEB / VR / MOBILE

💠Web3 Content Publication

💠Game Contents with Tact Suit and VR Headset goggles

💠Story Editing & Publishing


The Partnership

D’CENT acts as the trusted bridge to MetaOasis, providing secure access and empowering users to explore this vibrant world with confidence. With AIM token integration, users enjoy secure access to MetaOasis through D’CENT’s ecosystem, ensuring a seamless and protected experience:


1) MetaOasis’s native AIM token is integrated into D’CENT Wallets, allowing users with convenient and secure management of crypto assets.


💸Token Name (Artificial Intelligence Metaverse) $AIM🎯

🔗Token Contract (https://snowtrace.io/token/0xCEeE63fF114F8e8deBF5E78a14e770E5B905eA91?chainId=43114)


2) Users can seamlessly connect to Meta-Oasis via D’CENT’s built-in Dapp browser and participate in the platform’s dynamic economy such as acquiring virtual land and embarking on NFT adventures.


3) Users have the Financial Flexibility of leveraging AIM tokens for various financial services and transactions within the Meta-Oasis environment.


Community Collaborations and Future Plans

D’CENT and Meta-Oasis are collectively building a vibrant community, offering exclusive AMA sessions co-hosted by experts from both platforms. These sessions provide insider insights and a chance for users to shape the future of the metaverse. Early access to airdrops adds an exciting dimension, providing users with special benefits and rewards.


Additionally, Meta-Oasis is set to integrate Wepin, IoTrust’s new user-centric web3 wallet, promising enhanced accessibility and a superior onboarding experience. This strategic alliance positions D’CENT as a reliable gateway to the expanding metaverse, while Meta-Oasis users can expect a more secure and user-friendly platform.


Embark on this transformative journey with D’CENT and Meta-Oasis, where cutting-edge technology meets community empowerment in the evolving landscape of the decentralized metaverse.


D’CENT’s Unrivaled Security and Global Trust


D’CENT Wallet is trusted by users in 220 countries worldwide and stands as a secure haven for managing digital assets. With hardware-based security and an intuitive interface, individuals and institutions confidently transact across 60+ supported blockchains. This versatile tool ensures unwavering protection for Meta-Oasis’ native AIM tokens, shielding them from unauthorized access and cyber threats, making D’CENT Wallet the preferred choice for navigating the interconnected blockchain landscape.


Try D’CENT App today and experience the ease of securely managing $AIM tokens.

 D’CENT Andoid App

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