D’CENT FTSO Portal — support for Flare Network

D’CENT FTSO Portal — support for Flare Network

Hello D’CENT Fam and the Flare Community!👋

We are excited to announce the updated release of D’CENT FTSO Portal with added support for the Flare Network.



Users can now connect the Flare Network address(account) to the FTSO Portal to perform wrapping of FLR tokens and participate in the vote delegation with the users’ favorite FTSO signal providers.


Wrapping (FLR 🔁 WFLR)

FLR token can be wrapped into WFLR token, an ERC20 token on the Flare Network. WFLR has many utilities within the Flare Network, the most popular use case is delegating vote power to the FTSO signal providers (Oracles) to receive FLR token rewards in return.


Delegating vote power

Using the WFLR token, vote powers can be delegated to FTSO signal providers. Vote power can be delegated to 2 different FTSO signal providers at any one time. In the example below, the delegation was done to FTSO AU and FTSO UK with the voting power distributed at 50% each.


List of Flare FTSO signal providers


FTSO signal providers list (D’CENT Partners)

FTSO UK / Use Your Spark / FTSO EU / sToadz FTSO / A-FTSO / EvolveFTSO / ScandiNodes FTSO / AlphaOracle / FTSO AU / Aureus Ox / Bifrost Oracle / FlareFi / Defi Oracles / Flare Oracle / and many more.

A full list of FTSO signal providers can be found here.

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