Secure Element Technology in D'CENT Cold Wallet

Secure Element Technology in D'CENT Cold Wallet

Secure element technology is a crucial component of the hardware that inspires confidence in IoTrust D’CENT hardware wallet. This article is a brief introduction to the “secure element”. After reading it you should understand why industry and government have faith in IoTrust’s highly certified D’CENT hardware wallet. 


A Secure Element (SE) is a microprocessor. It is embedded in D’CENT hardware wallet and other solutions storing sensitive data. It has become an industry standard for protecting credit card information and biometric information in passports.


Sensitive Information

SE prevents the extraction of private keys and PIN codes from the devices in which it is embedded. The security provided by SE technology makes it well-suited to digital asset protection and other financial service applications where private keys or payment solution services are deployed.


That is because it provides another layer of security that defends sensitive information from malware that may be lurking in the device’s operating system. The malware is put there by some unscrupulous person or organization that is intent on stealing valuable information.


Information Stealing

In a perfect world, you would be able to manage digital assets without the need for devices like the D’CENT hardware wallet. Unfortunately, digital assets are constantly under the threat of information-stealing malware that is deployed to monetize personal and proprietary information through direct use or underground distribution.


The more you have at stake, the more likely it is that there are persons or organizations mounting attacks on mobile and other devices that you use to manage digital assets or execute transactions. Common attacks include:

1) Keyloggers

2) Spyware

3) Backdoors

4) Adware

5) Bots

6) Screen Scrapers


    The threats are constantly evolving and SE technology is used to embed countermeasures such threats. 



    Since hackers are constantly advancing their attacks, embedded SE technology needs to keep abreast of those advancements. Consequently, SE technology can be updated with new countermeasures and protect the sensitive information in high-end devices like the D’CENT hardware wallet.


    That is why it is important to purchase devices manufactured by security specialists like IoTrust. We understand the lifecycle management required to protect strong authentication mechanisms so that your devices can verify that you really are who you claim to be when you authorize a transaction or payment instruction.


    There is much more to share about our technology. Please stay tuned. We are working hard to share the features and benefits of our D’CENT Wallet with everyone. 

    [D’CENT ウォレット]
    D’CENTは、(株)IoTrustが製造・販売するブロックチェーン向けウォレットサービスです。 当社は、セキュリティチップ(SEおよびTEE)を基にする、エンベディット(組み込み)型ソリューションにおいて15年以上開発経験を持つスペシャリスト達によって制作されたウォレットです。さらに、銀行カードやUSIMカードで使われる高セキュリティテクノロジーの応用技術が含まれた、安心と信頼のウォレットです。 

    このブログは教育目的のみを目的としています。ここに記載されている情報は、プロジェクトやブランド名を含め、情報提供を目的としており、金融、法律、税務アドバイスではありません。正確性に努めていますが、情報の誤りに対しては一切責任を負いません。 暗号資産(あんごうしさん)は本質的にリスクを伴います。徹底的に調査を行い、ご自身の目標とリスク許容度に見合った投資判断を行うために、ファイナンシャルアドバイザーへの相談を検討してください。 外部リンクが存在する場合がありますが、その内容や慣行に対しては一切責任を負いません。利用規約とプライバシーポリシーをご確認ください。

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