D’CENT Wallet Integrates HAVAH Network: Supports HVH and HSP-20 Tokens

D’CENT Wallet Integrates HAVAH Network: Supports HVH and HSP-20 Tokens

D’CENT, a popular hardware and software wallet provider, has recently integrated HAVAH, an interchain platform for NFTs and utility tokens, into its wallet ecosystem. This move allows D’CENT wallet users to store, manage, and trade HVH and HSP-20 tokens, two native assets on the HAVAH network.




HAVAH aims to solve the problem of fragmentation in the NFT space by providing a seamless cross-chain NFT experience for creators and collectors. With the integration of HAVAH into the D’CENT wallet, users can now easily access and utilize the HAVAH network directly from their wallets, without the need for multiple wallets or complicated processes.


The integration of HAVAH into the D’CENT wallet is a significant development for both companies and the Web3 ecosystem as a whole, as it expands the utility of HAVAH’s native assets and increases their accessibility, while also strengthening D’CENT’s position as a leading wallet provider in the crypto space.


By updating to the latest software released by D’CENT, users can access HAVAH network assets through both the D’CENT Biometric wallet and the D’CENT App (Software) Wallet, providing a range of options for users who prefer either a hardware or software wallet.


 Firmware Update: 2.26.0 or higher


 D’CENT Mobile App: 5.24.0 or higher


The integration of HAVAH into the D’CENT wallet is a testament to the growing importance of interchain solutions and cross-chain interoperability in the crypto industry. Through our continuing collaboration with the HAVAH network, we are looking forward to further expanding the reach and utility of the HAVAH network to the mass.


🎉Special Event — Get 500 HAVAH (HVH) Coins for FREE!



👉 Get 500 HAVAH (HVH) coins for FREE per each Biometric hardware wallet purchased during the special event period (May 10th ~ 25th, 2023).


Check out the full details of the event from the link below:



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