D’CENT and Pomerium Join Forces to Secure Your “FUN” in the Future of Web3 Gaming

D’CENT and Pomerium Join Forces to Secure Your “FUN” in the Future of Web3 Gaming

D’CENT, the leading secure crypto wallet by IoTrust, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Pomerium, a user-friendly Web3 gaming platform built around casual games, memes, and the iconic Pome character. This powerful partnership removes barriers and makes it easier than ever for everyone to experience the excitement of Web3 gaming.



What is Pomerium?

Pomerium believes blockchain can revolutionize industries, and they’re making it fun and accessible for everyone. Their “Playful Experiences” utilize familiar elements like casual games, memes, and their mascot Pome to create a welcoming Web3 environment fostering a thriving community. This welcoming foundation lays the groundwork for innovative experiences, including mobile-based titles, an NFT marketplace, and their native tokens, $PMG and $PMR. This diverse platform offers something for everyone, making the world of blockchain more accessible than ever.



The Partnership

D’CENT and Pomerium community members can now enjoy several benefits:


Seamless Management: Dive into the Pomerium ecosystem with ease using D’CENT’s renowned user-friendly wallet. Manage your $PMG, $PMR, and even $PME tokens securely and effortlessly, all in one place.


Fort Knox Security: Play with peace of mind knowing your valuable gaming assets are protected by D’CENT’s industry-leading security measures. They act as your guardian angel, safeguarding your digital treasures.


Thrilling Rewards: Buckle up for exciting surprises! Enjoy exclusive airdrops, early access to cutting-edge features, and participate in collaborative events hosted by D’CENT and Pomerium.


What's Next?

Both partners share a passionate vision to make blockchain accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of technical expertise. This partnership isn’t just about technical integration of tokens; it’s about creating a thriving community where Web2 and Web3 users can connect, share, and shape the future of blockchain gaming together.


Pomerium recognizes that diving into blockchain gaming can feel intimidating. That’s why they’re bridging the gap with familiar mechanics and immersive experiences you already love. Plus, their continued partnership with IoTrust’s user-friendly Wepin wallet removes entry barriers, making it easier than ever for everyone to join the fun!


D’CENT’s Unrivaled Security and Global Trust


D’CENT Wallet is trusted by users in 220 countries worldwide and stands as a secure haven for managing digital assets. With hardware-based security and an intuitive interface, individuals and institutions confidently transact across 60+ supported blockchains. This versatile tool ensures unwavering protection for your coins and tokens, shielding them from unauthorized access and cyber threats, making D’CENT Wallet the preferred choice for navigating the interconnected blockchain landscape.


Try D’CENT App today and experience the ease of securely managing your valuable digital assets.

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