About D'CENT Wallet

About D'CENT Wallet

This article is a very brief introduction to the team behind D’CENT Wallet. Read it to learn a bit more about our world-class services and understand why our D’CENT fingerprint-sensing hardware wallets are so innovative.

IoTrust is the creator of D’CENT Wallet. Our wallets are a new generation of über convenient, biometrically-powered hardware wallets that literally put the management of precious digital assets at your fingertips.


Our security experts leverage highly-specialized knowledge of Secure Element (SE) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies to make hardware wallets easier to use.



IoTrust Company (Korea) Limited was founded in January 2017. We are security specialists. Our team boasts an average of 17+ years of relevant experience in the security domain.


Thanks to investment from Jiran Security (2017) and Korea Investment Partners (2018), Korea’s premier venture capital group, we are able to undertake our noble mission.


Venture Funded by Korea Investment Partners & Jiran Security


In 2021, IoTrust secured additional investment of 6.5 billion won (approximately 6 Million USD) from 5 new leading investment firms in Korea which include L&S Venture Capital, KDB Capital, K-Run Ventures, SL Investment, and KB Investment.

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At IoTrust, we have one simple mission: provide connectivity solutions that you can trust. This is our passion and the reason we exist.


We focus on three areas of business:

1) Digital asset protection
2) Financial services
3) Authentication solutions


We listed digital asset protection first because this is the business area that we are most passionate about. This business area includes solutions for:

1) Digital asset cold storage

2) Secure private key storage

3) Secure transaction execution


The initial manifestation of this passion for digital assets protection is our D’CENT fingerprint-sensing hardware wallet. We launched the highly certified security solution back in October 2018. It is our first business-to-consumer initiative.


In the area of financial services, we deliver:

1) Secure payment and exchange solutions

2) Peer-to-peer remittance solutions

3) Peer-to-peer payment and loans

4) Secure transfer of intellectual property


Finally, in the area of business related to authenticating securely, we implement:

1) Secure biometric authentication

2) Identity management

3) Two-factor / multi-factor (2FA/MFA) authentication

4) Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) authentication


The Team Members

The IoTrust team is engineering laden. Notable team members include:


Dr. Sangsu Baek, CEO

Formerly HansolSecure Mobile Security Division (Vice President)
Chungnam National University, PhD


Ms. Ella Cho, COO

Formerly HansolSecure Finance & Banking Division (Vice President)
Chungang University, B.A.


Mr. Minho Yoo, CSO

Formerly Curaysoft (CEO)
Formerly HansolSecure (Research & Development Head)
Seoul National University, B.Sc.


Dr. Moon Park, Advisor

Formerly Qualcomm (Vice President)
Formerly LG Electronics (General Manager)
George Washington University, PhD


Mr. WK KIM, VP of Sales

Formerly HansolSecure (Director of overseas sales)
Formerly NXP Semiconductors Singapore (Senior Manager)
MBA, St. John’s University



IoTrust Team


Our team members have made outstanding contributions to chip technology. Success references in Samsung Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon, and NXP i.MX 6 Series application processors are a distinguished part of our portfolio.



[D’CENT ウォレット]
D’CENTは、(株)IoTrustが製造・販売するブロックチェーン向けウォレットサービスです。 当社は、セキュリティチップ(SEおよびTEE)を基にする、エンベディット(組み込み)型ソリューションにおいて15年以上開発経験を持つスペシャリスト達によって制作されたウォレットです。さらに、銀行カードやUSIMカードで使われる高セキュリティテクノロジーの応用技術が含まれた、安心と信頼のウォレットです。 

このブログは教育目的のみを目的としています。ここに記載されている情報は、プロジェクトやブランド名を含め、情報提供を目的としており、金融、法律、税務アドバイスではありません。正確性に努めていますが、情報の誤りに対しては一切責任を負いません。 暗号資産(あんごうしさん)は本質的にリスクを伴います。徹底的に調査を行い、ご自身の目標とリスク許容度に見合った投資判断を行うために、ファイナンシャルアドバイザーへの相談を検討してください。 外部リンクが存在する場合がありますが、その内容や慣行に対しては一切責任を負いません。利用規約とプライバシーポリシーをご確認ください。

Biometric Wallet

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