D’CENT Wallet now supports SIP10 tokens on the Stacks network

D’CENT Wallet now supports SIP10 tokens on the Stacks network

The growth of the Stacks has been astounding the past few months and its no question that it unleashes Bitcoin’s potential with all of the development (DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and DIDs) happening in its ecosystem. In our ongoing effort of continuous collaboration, we are excited to announce the latest release of the D’CENT Wallet that supports Stacks-based native tokens.


The Stacks blockchain has a native currency called the Stacks token (STX). In addition to the STX, the Stacks blockchain allows for the creation of smart contracts, meaning other fungible tokens based on the SIP010 standard can be created on the Stacks blockchain and be secured by Bitcoin.



Now, users can add Stacks-based native tokens which are marked with “Stacks-SIP010”. In the beginning, D’CENT Wallet will officially list several types of Stacks-based token assets from decentralized finance platforms such as; Arkadiko Finance, ALEX Protocol, and Stackswap and will continue to do so over time.


In the near future, we plan to integrate the Discovery Tab (a dApp browser in a mobile environment) to support access to Stacks-based dApp services. Stay tuned for this future announcement!


🔥 Arkadiko Finance🔥

Arkadiko enables self-repaying loans with Bitcoin — it is a decentralized, non-custodial liquidity protocol where users can collateralize their STX tokens and borrow a stablecoin called USDA. By creating a decentralized stablecoin (USDA), Arkadiko increases the utility and efficiency of assets on the Stacks ecosystem as users can collateralize their tokens such as STX, xBTC, or other future SIP-based tokens that D’CENT will support.



$DIKO is the Governance token of the Arkadiko Protocol, which allows holders to have a say in important decisions that the ArkadikoDAO proposes.


$USDA (USD Arkadiko) is a stablecoin issued via Arkadiko Finance smart contract, which is collateralized by digital assets on the Stacks protocol.


🔥 ALEX Protocol coming soon to D’CENT🔥

ALEX (Automated Liquidity EXchange) is a hybrid of automated market making and on-chain loanable fund built on Stacks blockchain network. ALEX aims to provide a fixed rate borrowing and lending service with pre-determined maturity in the world of decentralised finance (DeFi). Liquidity provider of ALEX can save decent amount of capital by making markets on a selected range of interest rate.



$ALEX is the native token of the ALEX Platform, where you can Lend BTC, USDC, and any Stacks or ALEX native tokens to earn fixed or variable interest.


What about other non-listed SIP010 tokens?

For the non-listed SIP010 tokens in the D’CENT Wallet, users can custom add these accounts in the D’CENT Wallet. To make a request for official listing of an asset on D’CENT Wallet, please submit the form below.

👉 Crypto Asset Request Form


How to manage SIP010 tokens on D’CENT Wallet

Update Mobile App

The latest versions of the D’CENT mobile app can be found at the link below.


Update Biometric Wallet Firmware (v2.16.7 or higher)

To perform the firmware update, please visit: https://dcentwallet.com/support/FirmwareUpdate


Detailed instructions on firmware update can be found here:

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